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Author Topic: Government Prepares Health Bodies for Who Gets Treatment in Pandemic  (Read 1746 times)


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Behind the headlines the Department of Health is predicting a Pandamic of new influenza.  The source is the much publicised Avian flu which at the present stage is low alert because it does not transfer easily into humans but they predict  that starting either in Asia or in the Middle east that will change.  One could justly speculate that either with the deepening world economic crisis especially of the imperialist system of states that either they are planning some genocidal act on the people of the world,  which history has shown they a fully capable of,  or that the crisis itslef may weigh heavily on peoples health that they become vulnerable to such an out break.   Either way the preparations that are being made will leave millions of people without treatment. In Britain those most at risk, the elderly will not have access to hospital but will be "cared for in their own homes" by "relatives". The massive cuts in beds over recent years means that the slighest "winter" health crisis overhelms the availble beds which are set to be reduced even further as a directive fromthe deparmtner year on year.

For example the guidance states

"It is likely that there will be two steps to the surge response:

Initially, efforts will concentrate on expanding capacity: cancelling all elective procedures, dealing with emergencies only, early discharge and redeployment of staff. This is likely to offer increased capacity for only a few days.

The second stage of the surge response will involve the introduction of prioritisation criteria and restrictions on treatment options to be introduced when deemed necessary in the local setting. This should be introduced for as short a period as practicable, due to the nature of the restrictions."

During the dicussions with health workers on committees set up at hopsitals to dicuss these plans staff are being told that existing rights in their policies should have clauses written into them to suspend those rights if a panademic strikes.  Not only is this very insulting to the health workers involved because in any crisis thery always respond without any coersion and inspite of any policies that exist on restricting their hours  but it seems to indicate that what the government is planning may not just be for pandemic but further disasters that it is expecting as it fights to save the privileged position fo the super rich and their hold on society.   

DofH guidance attached

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