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Author Topic: The British Government’s Outrageous Calls to Intervene Militarily in Zimbabwe  (Read 3938 times)


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The British Government’s Outrageous Calls to Intervene Militarily in Zimbabwe

The cholera epidemic that recently broke out in Zimbabwe has been the pretext for renewed attempts to organise to oust Robert Mugabe’s ZANU-PF government, attempts led by Gordon Brown and Foreign Secretary David Miliband. The Prime Minister posed as the unlikely champion of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights when he declared that on its 60th anniversary "we must stand together for human rights and democracy, to say firmly to Mugabe enough is enough". For his part Miliband, speaking ahead of the EU Foreign Minister’s meeting, threatened further sanctions against what he referred to as a "rogue government". A spokesman for the government of Zimbabwe claimed that Britain and its allies were "dead set on ensuring that there is an invasion of Zimbabwe but without themselves carrying it out".

The position taken by the Labour government is that Zimbabwe’s leadership is solely to blame for the economic and political crisis now facing that country and therefore it should go, or be removed from office. It is worth noting that Brown and Miliband do not apply the same principle to Britain, where it is clear that their government has neither the will not the ability to deal with the severe economic and other problems facing this country. Indeed, they disclaim any responsibility for it, claiming that this is a global phenomenon.

The Labour government is now trying to make maximum use of the health problems affecting Zimbabwe, even though cholera is a disease that is on the increase throughout the world and outbreaks have been reported in over 50 countries in the last two years, many of them in Africa. Severe outbreaks of cholera also broke out in Iraq earlier this year, although without the same level of publicity, and with no demand from Britain for the ousting of the puppet government in that country. The outbreak of cholera this year in Zimbabwe is largely due to the dire economic situation in there, and here too can be found the hand of Anglo-American imperialism and its allies. It may also be remarked that in Britain, hospitals are being put on alert in case of widespread epidemics, of flu for example. Indeed, hysteria about epidemics whether in this country or elsewhere has almost become the government’s stock-in-trade to try and prevent the people assessing any serious issue in a sober fashion.

It is evident that there are very serious problems facing Zimbabwe but it cannot be said that they have simply been caused by the weaknesses of the government of Zimbabwe. Like many other countries, Zimbabwe has attempted to chart its own independent course and escape from the legacy of British colonial rule since gaining independence through armed struggle in 1980. But it has been thwarted in particular by the hostile actions of the governments of Britain and the US, which have meddled in Zimbabwe’s internal affairs and refused to honour their legal responsibilities as required by the Lancaster House agreement of 1979, which brought to an end the armed liberation struggle.

The deterioration of Zimbabwe’s economy, which is still dominated by Anglo-American monopolies, has itself been precipitated by the hostile actions of the World Bank and IMF encouraged by Britain and the US, as well as by economic sanctions especially those imposed by the US under so-called Zimbabwe Democracy and Economic Recovery Act. But the British and US governments and their allies have also continued to meddle in the internal affairs of Zimbabwe, especially in its elections and political life, directly financing an opposition movement to its government through the Westminster Foundation, the Zimbabwe Democracy Trust and other similar agencies.

In these difficult circumstances, there have been attempts by the African Union and the Southern African Development Community to find a way forward. Discussions were taking place between all the major political parties until recently when the main opposition party, the MDC suddenly withdrew, leading to a renewed political impasse and the conditions were created for Britain, the US and their allies to launch their new offensive.

A massive propaganda campaign has been waged by the Labour government to demonise the government of Zimbabwe and its leaders but it is Anglo-American imperialism that is chiefly responsible for the dire situation in Zimbabwe and elsewhere in Africa. The British people must themselves to continue to struggle to remove the vestiges of colonial domination in Zimbabwe and create the conditions whereby full reparation can be made for the crimes that have been committed.

Hands Off Zimbabwe!

Respect the Sovereignty of All Countries!


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