This Saturday. Emergency Demonstration Against War With Iran
The assassination of Qasem Soleimani last week has made the world a more dangerous place. That is the only conclusion we can draw from the further threats by Donald Trump to attack Iranian sites, including cultural ones, and now the retaliation by Iran with missile strikes on US bases. We do not know what further escalation there may be but we do know that any war in the Middle East will have a deadly impact on the ordinary people there.

Trumpís behaviour has frightened even many of those close to him, but it is clear from the response of Boris Johnson that the British government is also terrified of offending Trump. We can therefore expect Johnson to follow the line, as when he justified keeping British troops in Iraq.

The demonstration in London on Saturday, which is co-organised by CND, and those taking place across the country are vital in rejecting our governmentís policy and in asserting opposition to yet another disastrous intervention in the Middle East

We must do everything we can to oppose war with Iran and attacks on Iraq. This begins with a public meeting tonight (8th Jan) in London and a demonstration on Saturday.

On Saturday, we are marching from the BBC (Portland Place) to Trafalgar Square where the demonstration will be addressed by a wide range of speakers including Stop the War President Brian Eno and Joe Glenton from Veterans for Peace alongside Iranian and Iraqi speakers as well as notable Labour Party figures including Diane Abbott. Please do everything you can to get along to the demonstration and spread the word amongst family, friends and colleagues.

We also need volunteers to help out with stewarding and facilitating the demo. If you can help please email as soon as possible.

Here is a list of protests and events taking place across the UK:
∑ 08 Jan | Cardiff | No War with Iran!
∑ 09 Jan | Birmingham | No War With Iran, US/UK Troops Out Of Iraq - Protest
∑ 09 Jan | Edinburgh | No to War on Iran Vigil
∑ 11 Jan | Chesterfield | No War on Iran
∑ 11 Jan | Manchester | No War with Iran
∑ 11 Jan | Newcastle | Don't Attack Iran Rally
∑ 11 Jan | Liverpool | Don't Attack Iran
∑ 11 Jan | Bristol | Don't Attack Iran: Protest at Donald Trump's Act of War
∑ 12 Jan | Bradford | No War with Iran - Demonstration
∑ 18 Jan | Swansea | Don't Attack Iran: Protest at Donald Trump's Act of War
∑ 18 Jan | Canterbury | No War on Iran
∑ 19 Jan | Warrington | No War With Iran
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