Stop the War Is the Most Popular Campaign Amongst Labour Party Members
According to a YouGov poll published yesterday Stop the War is the most popular campaigning organisation amongst Labour Party members. This is testament to the strength of anti-war feeling in the party and to all of you who have supported the anti-war movement so staunchly since 2001. Labour has gone from the party of war under Tony Blair to a party whose membership is overwhelmingly anti-war. It's a remarkable achievement and one we must continue to build on.

We are sending out these 5 questions to the Labour leadership and deputy leadership candidates to canvass their opinions on issues of war and peace...

1. Do you agree that the recent series of wars the UK has been involved in has been disastrous, and as leader/deputy leader of the Labour Party would you call for an end to foreign policy based on wars of aggression?
2. Do you believe that UK foreign policy should be independent of the US?
3. Would you support the immediate withdrawal of UK troops from Afghanistan and the Middle East?
4. Should the UK end arms sales to Saudi Arabia and Israel?
5. Are there any circumstances in which you would push the “nuclear button”?

Let's push for a Labour leadership that is in line with the clear anti-war feeling amongst the membership.

It is very important we also see this support reflected at local level. If you are in the Labour Party and you haven't already please affiliate your CLP to Stop the War. You can do this by raising our 'No War on Iran' motion at your next local meeting. We are also happy to send speakers to local meetings. If you'd like a Stop the War speaker at your next local meeting email
22 Jan 2020 - 18:16 by WDNF Peoples Movement | comments (0)