Newcastle Meeting Condemns Islamaphobia and the War on Terror
On Thursday, February 26th around 50 people took part in a vital meeting to condemn Islamaphobia and the War on Terror in the wake of the recent attempts by the ruling circles to to whip up hostility and racism against our Islamic community. Speakers included writer and broadcaster Yvonne Ridley and Stop the War Coalition vice chair Chris Nineham. The meeting was also addressed by Mick Bowman recently returned from Palestine and having been mistreated and arrested by the Israelis and Hazera Begum a Muslim Chaplain at Northumbria University. The Meeting was Chaired by Alex Snowden of Newcastle Stop the War Coalition. The meeting was a fairly in depth discussion of the issues and brought together people involved in fighting to build the unity of the people and provide safe spaces to solve the problems caused by the devastating wars being waged by the Anglo-US and Israeli powers in the Middle East and elsewhere. The issue was also preparing for the Saturday demonstration in Newcastle against Pegida and standing up for the Islamic community as our community and defending the rights of all communities and people against the plan of the ruling elite to divide and rule.

Audio of contributions: Yvonne Ridley Chris Nineham Mick Bowman Hazera Begum
28 Feb 2015 - 17:23 by WDNF Peoples Movement | comments (0)