Prevent and the Criminalisation of Protest. Public Meeting

In January 2020, organisations and protest groups campaigning for peace, environmental justice, human rights and animal rights, and against racism found themselves listed in a police counter-terror document. It is part of an alarming pattern of attacks on civil liberties and the right to protest.

The state, under the guise of tackling terrorism, is increasingly surveilling and monitoring individuals and groups engaged in legitimate political and democratic processes. If this massive state overreach is not confronted, we run the risk of losing further democratic freedoms that we presently take for granted.

The campaign groups on the front line of these attacks have demanded that the police counter-terror document is immediately rescinded and repudiated, and are calling for an independent review of the Prevent strategy.

Join us for a discussion on this dangerous threat to the progressive movements and be part of the campaign to fight back.

Prevent & the Criminalisation of Protest
Thurs 27 Feb | 18:30-20:30
Hamilton House
Mabledon Place
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