Turmoil in the Middle East. Let's Get Campaigning

Turmoil in the Middle East continues as Turkey steps up its intervention in Syria and opposition to Western troops in Iraq grows. Iran remains the West's main focus of interest, and the threat of war on Iran is still very real. The peace deal with the Taliban in Afghanistan serves to underline the terrible futility of one of the longest Western military interventions in history as Lindsey German underlines in her latest column.

Following a discussion at the Stop the War steering committee on Saturday, we are asking all our members and supporters to participate and help organise the following activities:

1) Don't Attack Iran day of action - Saturday 14 March
The threat of a US led attack on Iran remains serious. Saturday March 14 will be a Stop the War day of action focussed on this continuing danger. US policy is for regime change in Iran, the sanctions are crippling the country and instability in the region could lead to a confrontation at any time.

We are asking our supporters to organise petitioning sessions in town and city centres on the 14th in as many places as possible. The petition can be downloaded here. We've also produced a briefing on the situation and the history of Western intervention in Iran (see below). If you need any help and advice or to be put in touch with local activists please let us know.

2) Pass the 'Don't Attack Iran' resolution
Please raise the threat of war with Iran in your trade union or party branch. There is a model resolution here. A recent poll showed that Stop the War is the most popular campaigning organisation amongst Labour Party members. Against the background of the Labour leadership election it is very important that anti-war motions are passed in as many branches as possible to turn passive support into a clear message to the leadership.

3) Defend Julian Assange
Julian Assange is facing a show trial to force through his extradition to the US at Belmarsh High Security Prison in South East London. He is being punished more than anything for the role he played in exposing the causes and the brutal reality of the Afghan and Iraq wars. It is important for the anti-war movement and all those who value free speech that the maximum amount of pressure is exerted to stop the extradition. There is a petition that you can download here and how about putting on a public meeting on 'Julian Assange, Free Speech and the War on Terror'? The head office can help you with publicity and speakers.
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