NEU members at sixth form colleges back on strike today
NEU members working in 34 sixth form colleges are today back on strike over the impact of funding cuts in their sector.

In total, 38% of all sixth form colleges and 16-19 academies will be taking action together. The NEU is in dispute with the Secretary of State and seeking improved pay, conditions and employment through better funding for 16-19 education.

NEU members will be taking action to secure the funding needed to reverse job losses, class size increases, and cuts to teaching time and curriculum provision.

Funding for 16-19 education has been cut by more and for longer than in schools and funding increases announced before the Election are grossly inadequate. Jobs have been cut, class sizes have risen and pay has fallen. If the crisis continues to go unaddressed, the future of the sector is at threat and it is students’ education that will continue to suffer.

The NEU is seeking higher and sustained funding which will improve the pay, working conditions and security of employment of NEU members and secure the future of the sector.

NEU joint general secretary Dr Mary Bousted said: “16-19 education is under incredible pressure, with sixth form colleges bearing the brunt of real-terms cuts. That is why our members are pressuring the government ahead of the Budget. At the very least we need a £700m injection of new money to close the gap with schools, otherwise the crisis will continue.”
11 Mar 2020 - 17:45 by WDNF Workers Movement | comments (0)