No to NATO. Dismantle NATO.
The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) has always described itself as a defensive alliance. It is an aggressive military-political alliance conceived and brought into being on April 4, 1949 during the Cold War, on the pretext of defending Europe against "communist invasion" and the claim that the communist "evil" and totalitarianism were a threat to Western freedom and democracy.

Since the collapse of the former Soviet Union and people's democracies in eastern Europe, NATO has been enlarged to incorporate some of the former people's democracies. With its original raison d'ętre having disappeared, new claims have been presented in an attempt to justify its continued existence. In 1991, NATO heads of state declared that while the Soviet threat had "been removed … and thus no longer provides a focus for Allied strategy," "the risks to Allied security that remain are multi-faceted in nature and multi-directional, which makes them hard to predict and access."[1]

Ten years later, 9/11 provided NATO with a new rationale and a new focus of fighting "terrorism." Today, its raison d'ętre is again being recast: the latest danger is said to be from "authoritarian" and "rogue states" threatening "freedom" and seeking to overthrow liberal democracy and the "rules-based international order" it claims to uphold.

The first Secretary General of NATO, Lord Ismay, stated that the main purpose of the Atlantic Alliance in Europe was "to keep the Americans in, the Russians out, and the Germans down."[2] Today, while NATO is used to fight a multi-dimensional global war on several fronts utilizing its own forces as well as proxy forces as "agents of chaos," Europe is still plagued by the spectre of war as the contradictions within the ranks of the big European powers and between these powers and the U.S. and within the ranks of the U.S. imperialists themselves continue to sharpen over who will control Europe and dominate Asia. This ignores that the peoples of Asia, as well as Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, are in no mood to be dominated. Nonetheless, as each big power strives for a bigger share of the spoils of war, the rules are changing. U.S. President Donald Trump does not favour negotiations with members countries and instead threatens to leave NATO if he doesn't get his way, at the moment meaning that other members must significantly increase their military budgets. Meanwhile, the European powers are consolidating their own defence forces and divisions are expressed within the ranks of NATO itself and within each NATO country, including the United States, over the role NATO should play today. Its enlargement has failed to mitigate or resolve the contradictions in its ranks as each big power pursues narrow private interests which defy the NATO concept of collective security.

Today, the wars in which the U.S. imperialists and NATO members are engaged in are no longer a form of politics by other means because these powers no longer pursue the interests of even their own polities. They engage in nation-wrecking, not nation-building, and are no longer guided by an aim to serve what was called the public good in any way. They have abandoned the UN Charter and international rule of law which upholds the equality of nations big or small, their right to self-determination and the principle of non-interference in their internal affairs. Today the aim of wars of aggression and occupation is to destroy those countries that refuse to submit to the dictate of the U.S. imperialists and their allies. These are wars of destruction and, because there are no politics, there are no negotiations of peace treaties which bring with them obligations and accountability. From U.S./NATO intervention in the Balkans in 1999 where a humanitarian pretext was used to bomb Yugoslavia, to the Gulf Wars, and wars against Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria and other countries, nothing has been sorted out. Now they are pursuing the same against Venezuela.

In this regard, membership in NATO affects not only military matters but all aspects of the national state and the political life of the country. Through its Office of Public Diplomacy and other means, NATO pays first-rate attention to the political manipulation of parliaments, information warfare and the wrecking of public opinion. It works in conjunction with governments, including Canada's. It has always had a hand in formulating the political structures which are to be permitted in not only Europe, the United States and Canada but, since the collapse of the former Soviet Union and former peoples' democracies, in all countries which are deemed to be liberal democracies or "on the road to democracy" as in the case of Ukraine. Any country which refuses to submit is subject to regime change by the NATO bloc.

Whether or not NATO survives in its present form, what is certain is that the peoples' striving for peace, freedom and democracy today is favoured by taking up the call to make their countries zones for peace and by uniting in action to establish anti-war governments which express a modern democratic personality which defends the rights of all as a matter of principle.

The strength of the people's striving for peace and the defence of the rights of all cannot be underestimated or downplayed. Attempts to smash this movement and deprive the people of a collective consciousness and action must be opposed. This includes waging the ideological struggle against attempts to portray military interventions abroad as being about "responsibility to protect," "peacemaking" and upholding a rules-based international order and other fairy tales.

1. "The Alliance's New Strategic Concept," NATO, November 8, 1991.
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