Cuba Kicks Off National Day of Rebellion With Revolutionary Tour
On July 26, 2017 the Cuban people celebrate the 64th anniversary of the historic attack on the Moncada and Carlos Manuel de Céspedes Barracks by the revolutionary youth.

This year's commemorations are imbued with a particular poignancy; it is the first without the physical presence of the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro. Fidel epitomized the unbending commitment to Justice, Dignity and Independence that has characterized Cuba since the triumph of the Cuban Revolution. Fidel's living legacy continues in the work of the Cuban Revolution. Fidel's example and fidelity to principle continue to inspire the Cuban people, who continue on the path of independence, self-determination and human dignity.

Cuban heroes who participated in the 1953 assaults on the Moncada and Manuel de Cespedes Garrisons and the Granma yacht expedition visited the the province of Pinar del Rio on Monday, kicking off activities to mark National Rebellion Day.

On the first day of their tour, the group visited Jose Marti Park and the monument to revolutionary leader Antonio Maceo at the site of the battle of Las Taironas, according to Cuba’s Granma newspaper. 

Pinar del Rio was named host of the celebrations for the 64 anniversary of the Moncada and Carlos Manuel de Cespedes assaults on July 26, 1953. Efforts have been underway in the province to advance many of the projects in honor of the celebration. 

Moncada combatant Ramon Gerardo Gutierrez Santos told Granma that the achievements of Pinar del Rio were impressive. 

“If there is one province that I had visited many times, it is this one, and today when I arrived here I was astonished. I believe they have earned the right to host the July 26 celebrations,” he said. 

Ramon Pez Ferro, another of the participants in the Moncada assault, said Pinar del Rio can no longer be referred to as “black sheep” of the country, thanks to the important achievements in all aspects.

“The Revolution has offered the best of tributes to the Moncada martyrs, as it has achieved the realization of the dreams of those compañeros who died for the Homeland,” Pez Ferro said. 

Since the Cuban people embarked on the road paved by Moncada, Cuba has refuted and continues to refute the colonialist mentality and practice of foisting on independent countries imperial arrangements and dictates that they resoundingly reject. The Cuban Revolution has refused to renounce its right to self-determination and the principles, principles forged in the crucible of Moncada.

In the years that have flashed by since Moncada, the Cuban people have shown what is possible to achieve when one defends genuine independence and self-determination. The example of Cuba assumes even greater significance as the 21st century unfolds, fraught with grave dangers that threaten the well-being of the peoples of the world. In the midst of these profound challenges, Cuba refutes those who argue that relations among the world's nations and peoples are -- and can only be -- determined by self-interest, the pursuit of power and wealth. As Cuba continues on the path of social justice, human dignity and international solidarity, the Cuban Revolution continues to be an inspiration to humanity. Cuba demonstrates that it is possible to build relations based on genuine solidarity and social love; it is a living example of the alternatives that permit people to realize their deepest aspirations, and that another better world is possible. History has given its judgment, vindicating the attack on the Moncada Barracks!
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