Andriy Parubiy is the deputy speaker of the Ukrainian parliament and a politician with a far-right record, he is due in the UK to speak with UK government officials and 'think tanks'. On previous visits to Ottawa and Washington he begged for lethal arms to be sent to Ukraine, arms that will be used in the continuing onslaught against the civilians of the Donbass.

Parubiy founded the Social National Party of Ukraine, a fascist party styled on Hitler’s Nazis, with membership restricted to ethnic Ukrainians. He also founded its paramilitary wing, Patriot of Ukraine, and initiated Nazi-like torchlight marches.The Social National Party would go on to become Svoboda, the far-right nationalist party.
After leaving these organisations in 2004, he continued to defend a far right nationalist ideology based on the glorification of Nazi-collaborator Stepan Bandera and his OUN-UPA.
As commander of the paramilitary Maidan defence forces he is implicated in the snipers that led to the coup which overthrew the elected government. Secretary of the National Security & Defence Council after the coup, he was responsible for launching the so-called “Anti Terrorist Operation” against the Donbass as well as incorporating far right paramilitary battalions (the same he commanded in the Maidan movement) into the state apparatus. There is evidence that he also organised the Odessa massacre on May 2nd 2014.
A detailed dossier on Parubiy can be read here.
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