Junior Doctors Strike, Jeremy Hunt Lies
Junior Doctors are outraged by the persistent lies and spin orchestrated by the Health Secretary - Jeremy Hunt. The Department of Health's contracts are #notsafenotfair and in danger of crippling the NHS as well as putting patient lives at risk.

With the threat of imposed contracts looming over doctors, the BMA circulated a ballot to give junior doctors a chance to vote to strike.

In a last minute attempt to gain public support for the DoH, certain media outlets (The Daily Mail) have resorted to ad hominems and character assassination.

We are confident that the public will see through these lies.

We are united.

#notsafenotfair #yesyes #istandwithjohann #juniorcontracts #saveourNHS #huntmustgo #NHS #juniordoctors #weareunited

Footage from:

BBC News
Sky News
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Prolific TV
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Sebastian Roberts
Invictus via movieclips.com
Will smith audio
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