Anniversary of the Great October Revolution
The 101st anniversary of the Great October Revolution in Russia is coming at a particular time in history when not only the first ever socialist workers' state has been destroyed but all old forms of governance based on liberal democracy and a bourgeois civil society have passed away as well. All over the world, new forms based on democratic principles and forms of governance must vest sovereignty in the people in a manner which is consistent with the needs of the 21st century.

Today, the countries in the imperialist heartlands are doing everything in their power to make sure this does not take place. They are privatizing all state property, resources and political power and ensuring that class privileges and exploiting classes remain the dominant feature of the social and political order. Social and political conflict, anarchy and violence prevail in these societies with warfare between nations, nationalities, religions and on any other ground possible taking their toll. Capitalist societies are characterized by millionaires and billionaires on one pole and increasing numbers of unemployed, poor and homeless on the other.

None of this in any way lessens the significance of the Great October Revolution to human history. It actually increases its worth manifold. It really tells where the demarcation line is in the society and the world is now waking up to take stock of what it means to have a society with full employment, free education and health care, no taxes and equality before the law, full democracy to elect and be elected, no class privileges and no exploiting classes. It affirms that peace, prosperity, freedom and fraternal unity of the peoples are not merely a utopia, a pipe-dream. They are not only attainable but the necessity of our times. The conditions of the present are forcing all concerned to look at the most important events of the past with the eye of the present, to assist in securing the future.

The founder and leader of the Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist), Hardial Bains, pointed out that CPC(M-L), the political party of the working class, looks at the Great October Revolution in a partisan way, with a great deal of objectivity:

It looks at it from the perspective of the content it brought forth, the forms it gave rise to and the human forces it brought to the fore. It looks at the political power and the social system, the means used as well as the results, the role of the working class and that of the Bolshevik Party, all with the keen eyes of a political party which is dedicated to ensuring that it is the working people who make their own life and that enlightenment and human concerns prevail over any other consideration. It analyzes that experience in which the ending of exploitation of persons by persons became the very aim of life itself. It draws inspiration from it as only a political party can which, proclaiming its responsibility to the working class and through it to the society, looks at events critically. It does so by looking at the world from the angle of the present, going into the past so as to secure the future for all. It draws the lessons of this period as it does from any other event, as they occurred in history. It copies nothing uncritically as it works to bring about the renewal of democracy, an end to class privileges, the conditions to abolish exploiting classes and create a classless society. It is acutely aware that the events which occur in history and the stands which are taken also leave their imprint and it is keenly conscious that conditions in Canada and internationally at the present time are far different to what they were (at the time of the October Revolution). It also recognizes that the most distinguishing feature of the October Revolution, as differentiated from all others, was that it put as its target the elimination of all exploitation of persons by persons by abolishing all conditions which gave rise to it in the first place. It does not forget that everything in Russia was revolutionized and modernized within a matter of some twenty years, that the Soviet Union was created as a union of equal and independent states within a matter of seven years and that all the best minds of the time, including top figures in the scientific and artistic as well as political and diplomatic fields, hailed the developments in the Soviet Union as great achievements of humankind.[1]

Not only did the October Revolution bring an entirely new class to power, the working class, but it also inspired the workers and oppressed of all lands to embark on the same path. The national crisis created out of the First World War was resolved in favour of the people. It also ended this bloodiest war in history which was being fought between the imperialist powers for the re-division of the world. The Russian Revolution brought into power those forces which lay latent in the bosom of the old society. The workers, peasants and the intelligentsia and other working people established a power which favoured them for the first time in human history.

This was the first revolution which created an entirely new society. Socialism appeared on the world historical scene as predicted by Karl Marx, and the practice of the proletarian revolution ushered in an entirely new period, the period of ending the exploitation of persons by persons and of creating a socialist and communist society on the world scale.

Hardial Bains emphasized that during the entire period which followed the October Revolution, "people have been profoundly imbued with change. Everything points to a great upheaval in the making for the renewal of the society again at this time. Workers cannot but draw the conclusion that prejudices and dogmas are no substitute for a clear conscience and scientific analysis, on the basis of which the crisis in the sphere of ideas can be overcome and cognition can take place in favour of the people and that this is the necessary ideological preparation for renewal. Far from making it a bone of contention and an aim of stern ideological struggle, this period in history is increasingly bringing forth the necessity to look at all events in history with an open mind, by depending on the body of knowledge and experience of life itself to come to pertinent conclusions. A grasp of the present, a strong handle on what is going on in front of one's eyes, has become vital to ward off that blindness which presents events in history as the work of some evil forces, instead of recognizing them as important milestones on the high road of civilization."

The Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist) hails the Great October Socialist Revolution and all the architects of the New, past and present. During the period since the October Revolution, as predicted by the great Lenin, earth-shaking changes have taken place on the world scale. Not only was socialism constructed in the Soviet Union for a period but the national liberation movements which Lenin had foreseen changed the complexion of the globe.

Today, imperialism is caught in a quagmire. It is moribund and is taking the world once again to war but the working people of all lands are demanding change. Even though imperialism and world reaction and its social props are battling against change which favours the peoples, the voices for change are being raised all over the world and the workers are demanding the creation of a new society. The experience of the heroic Soviet peoples and the peoples of the former people's democracies and the writings of their leading personalities such as V.I. Lenin deserve a thorough treatment such as the Party carries out in a thoughtful and critical manner.

The Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist) hails the Great October Revolution with a great deal of revolutionary optimism, by always keeping in mind that it is the working people who are to decide their future themselves, as Hardial Bains pointed out. It is their stubborn persistence for renewal of the world today which reinforces the Party's resolve to continue until final victory.

The world is in transition from one system to another. The workers of the world and progressive peoples are striving to bring a new world into being. They are taking stock of the present situation in which democratic renewal has emerged as the most important demand in order to humanize the social and natural environment. What people are demanding is to take control of their lives, their decision-making, their political power. The working class is the most important part of this struggle for renewal in which abolishing class privileges and discrimination based on race, culture, religion, gender, language and privileges has become the battle cry. The content, the words, the analysis and observations, and the demands which the working people are putting forward far exceed the possibilities that the existing forms can provide. As a result, they are calling for a change in the forms to ensure that they can bring about the necessary changes for the resolution of the conflict in their favour. Increasingly, the political processes are coming under fire and the politicians have to resort to even greater deception and anti-people, anti-social laws.

The Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist), taking into consideration all the developments of the past more than 100 years since the triumph of the Great October Socialist Revolution, calls on the workers to stand steadfastly behind their cause. The experience of this entire period is very instructive. CPC(M-L) calls on the workers to join with the Party to leave behind everything which has been negative, especially the influence of the bourgeois world outlook, in favour of elaborating their own reference points which help them make heads and tails of unfolding events and work out what can be done to turn things around in their favour.

It Can Be Done! It Must Be Done!


1. TML Daily, Vol. 22, No. 27, November 7, 1992.
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