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23 April 2013

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25 Apr 2013 - 12:32 by WDNF Workers Movement |

Experts speak. Why section 75 NHS privatisation regulations are such a threat
In this reposted article, Caroline Molloy explains why the NHS privatisation regulations (which will be voted on in the Lords tomorrow) present such a danger to the NHS. She also speaks to a range of experts about their fears on the reality of these regulations in practice and why everyone should be very, very worried.

There will be a lobby outside the House of Lords tomorrow
Say No to privatisation and section 75 of the health and social care act
When: Wednesday 24 April 2013, 12:00pm
Where: House of Lords London, SW1

The Section 75 Government of Health and Social Care Act regulations will force every CCG and GPs to open NHS to private competition and possible to lowest bidders. Health care must remain a public identity and FREE at point of Delivery! LORDS must not allow NHS to be privatised. THEY MUST SEND IT BACK TO THE COMMONS NOW. Lords must stand on the side of Common people! Lets us Demonstrate and show our resistance on 24th April 2013 at 12.00 opposite House of Lords.

From Open Democracy OurNHS

Posted by: caroline molloy at 7:35am on 23 April 2013

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Interview with Louise Irvine on the imminent privatisation regulations and wider NHS reform
Caroline Molloy 22 April 2013
Louise Irvine, a GP and chair of Save Lewisham Hospital, speaks to Caroline Molloy about the regulations about to be voted on in the Lords which enforce competition on nearly the whole NHS, and the wider impact of last year's bitterly opposed reforms.

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Middlesbrough to march for an alternative to austerity
'March for the Alternative' this Saturday (27 April)
Trades Union Congress: Economic Issues
date: 22 April 2013

- Assemble 11.00am at Albert Memorial Park

- Rally begins 12.15pm at Bottle of Notes, Central Square, Middlesbrough

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Unison's Health Care Conference Begins in Glasgow

The annual Unison Health Care Service Group Conference is taking place from Monday, April 22, to Wednesday, April 24, at the SECC Glasgow.

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A legacy of division and devastation
Trades Union Congress: Social Issues
Kevin Rowan

Regional Secretary

Northern TUC

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Crunch time looms, experts speak out against NHS privatisation regulations
From Open Democracy OurNHS:

It is hard to overstate the implications for the general public of the NHS privatisation regulations going through parliament as we speak. Caroline Molloy speaks to a range of experts about their fears for what these regulations will mean in practice and why everyone should be very, very worried.
Posted by: caroline molloy at 9:22am on 5 April 2013
False Economy Blog

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Polls give strong leads to Nicolas Maduro
VSC Elections Update No 1, April 5 2013
By Lee Brown, VSC Executive

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Momentum building to overturn section 75 competition regulations
By Neil Roberts, 04 April 2013

The peer leading an attempt to overthrow controversial 'section 75' NHS competition regulations has said DH's assurances were 'disingenuous' and that opposition to the rules was growing.
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North-South Relations Have Been Put at State of War. Special Statement of DPRK
Rodong Sinmun
The government, political parties and organizations of the DPRK released the following special statement on Mar. 30

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