Doctors urge repeal of Health and Social Care Act
Doctors have called for the Health and Social Care Act to be repealed and for the BMA to launch a 'co-ordinated campaign' to achieve this.
By Marina Soteriou, 24 June 2013

Dr Louise Irvine: Health and Social Care Act a 'catastrophe' for the NHS

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Brazil. The voice of the people must be heard and acted upon
By Renato Rabelo (National President of the Communist Party of Brazil (PCdoB)

The popular and youth manifestations that are growing and expanding all over the country have a reason, a social cause. For PCdoB, democratic matters are intertwined with social issues. Therefore, for democratic advance to take place, it is precious and auspicious to know through these more authentic manifestations what our people urge for and feel tormented by.

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Don't blame a rotten NHS culture for the CQC cover-up
Don't blame a 'rotten NHS culture' for the CQC cover-up
Market-led health reforms are leading to poor quality healthcare – and are giving managers incentives to hide failure

Allyson Pollock

The Guardian, Monday 24 June 2013 20.59 BST

'Why was the University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay NHS foundation trust so desperate not to expose the failings at its Furness hospital (above)? The answer lies with the new market system that brought the CQC into being.' Photograph: Owen Humphreys/PA Archive/Press Association Images

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Private healthcare fraud, a growing risk
by Mark Button:

A new report from the Centre for Health & the Public Interest highlights how the increased use of private healthcare providers in the NHS opens up considerable opportunities for fraud. The government must act to protect us, the authors suggest.
Professor Mark Button is Director of the Centre for Counter Fraud Studies at the Institute of Criminal Justice Studies, University of Portsmouth. Mark has written extensively on counter fraud and private policing issues, publishing many articles, chapters and completing five books with two forthcoming.

Posted by: False Economy at 6:28pm on 23 June 2013

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It's our turn now, report on the opening plenary
'It's our turn now' - report on the opening plenary
Reuben Bard-Rosenberg reports on the opening session of the People's Assembly - where the leader of the TUC called for united action
Counterfire Site feed Saturday, 22 June 2013 10:38

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US-EU trade deal could lead to privatisation on an unprecedented scale, warns TUC
US-EU trade deal could lead to 'privatisation on an unprecedented scale', warns TUC
Trades Union Congress: Industrial Issues
date: 19 June 2013

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Save the Greek National ERT Orchestra and Choir
Save the Greek National ERT Orchestra and Choir!


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A battle of biblical proportions. Can Lewisham beat Jeremy Hunt.
A battle of biblical proportions: can Lewisham beat Jeremy Hunt?

Guddi Singh 13 June 2013
Guddi is a doctor training in Paediatrics in London. She also has a Masters in Public Health from Harvard University and has worked for the World Health Organization. She is passionate about social justice, human rights and challenging barriers to access to health.

In a battle which is being seen as a test case for A&E and hospital cuts and downgrades nationwide, Lewisham campaigners are taking the Secretary of State to court - and they need your help.

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A strategy for our victory
The Con-Dems have had it their way too long. We have to turn this country around
by Kevan Nelson
The David Cameron-led coalition of the Conservative Party and the Liberal Democrats has passed its third birthday. Despite being a coalition it has proved to be a government with a clear unity of purpose, committed to a neoliberal agenda of austerity, deregulation and a smaller state.

Kevan Nelson is Unison North West regional secretary

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June 17, 2013
Who do Bono and the ONE campaign really represent: the very poor or the very rich?

By George Monbiot, published in the Guardian 18th June 2013

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DPRK Proposes Official Talks with U.S.
Pyongyang, June 16 (KCNA) -- The spokesman for the National Defence Commission (NDC) of the DPRK issued the following crucial statement on Sunday:

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DP World. Fighting For Dockers Rights
Posted on June 14, 2013 by Tony Burke
Power In A Union

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NEC Announces Summer of Protest
NEC Announces Summer of Protest 13/06/2013

Posted by pcsdwpsheffield

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G8 summit. Irish trade unions call in human rights monitors
Union congress fears erosion of right to protest amid Northern Ireland's largest-ever security operation to guard world leaders in County Fermanagh
Henry McDonald, Ireland correspondent
The Guardian, Tuesday 11 June 2013 16.16 BST

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The neoliberal epidemic striking healthcare
John Lister [1] 7 June 2013 Published on openDemocracy (
[1]>About the author
John Lister of London Health Emergency [13] is a writer and academic who has campaigned against NHS cutbacks and privatisation for almost 30 years. He has taught journalism and health policy at Coventry University, is a founder member of Keep Our NHS Public [14], and a board member of the International Association of Health Policy [15].

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135,000 government workers take strike action over cuts
by Tim Lezard - 3rd June 2013, 8.30 BST

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RMT slams Budweiser Baker Street Tube sponsorship plan
by Tim Lezard - 4th June 2013, 8.45 BST

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Spanish civil war monument must be pulled down, court rules
Falsification of History
Judges say memorial to 35,000 international volunteers who fought Franco breaks planning laws after rightwing outrage

Giles Tremlett in Madrid, Wednesday 5 June 2013 15.28 BST

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Women Chainmakers’ Festival
Saturday 8th June 2013, the ninth FREE TUC Chainmakers’ festival in Bearmore Mound Playing Fields, Cradley Heath, B64 6DU

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Hunt for Hunt
Date(s) - 15/06/2013
12:30 - 16:15

Leafletting, canvassing and protesting in Jeremy Hunt’s constituency.

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