Pay protests across the UK as civil servants say end the 1percent cap
31 Aug 2017
PCS protests about pay are taking place across the UK today (31) as civil servants in the Home Office, Ministry of Justice and Revenue and Customs call on the government to end the 1% cap.
Source: PCS

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McDonald's workers to coordinate strike with allies around world
Abi Wilkinson
Monday 21 August 2017 17.06 BST the Guardian
Staff in Cambridge and Crayford to take action on US Labor Day to demand better wages, more secure contracts and union recognition

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James Dresnok, last US soldier to defect to N Korea, dies
James Dresnok defected across the minefields of the DMZ in 1962 AFP / VeryMuchSo Productions
4 hours ago
BBC News
James Dresnok, the last known US soldier living in North Korea after defecting, has died aged 74.

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