Anti-War Movement Responds to Election Results
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Press Statement by the Permanent Representative of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea to the United Nations
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Dec 8, 2019

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The NHS is opening up to US business, the reassurances are demonstrably false
ourNHS: Investigation
British officials dodged invitations to exclude the NHS from a US-UK trade deal. Not surprising, given how much public money already goes to the US healthcare industry.

Caroline Molloy
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Let Us Through . Police Fail to Thwart No to Trump, No to NATO Protest
Thousands assembled on Tuesday evening to join the No to NATO protest for the 70th anniversary NATO summit
Written by Terina Hine on 04 December 2019. Posted in News & Comment
Stop the War

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RMT strikes to KeepTheGuardOnTheTrain
NSSN 463
December 3, 2019

We headline this week’s NSSN bulletin with two strikes by RMT members to maintain the safety critical role of the guard – On West Midlands Trains and South Western Railway.

The RMT has fought this attack over the last few years on a whole number of train companies. The NSSN gives the union and its members our full support.

It won’t be lost on RMT members that the Tories have announced their plan to introduce new anti-union legislation, specifically for the rail industry, if elected. At the same time, Jeremy Corbyn has promised to repeal Tory anti-union laws, including the Trade Union Act as well as pledging to re-nationalise the railways.

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Massive protests over economic inequality and human rights engulf Colombia
Justice for Colombia

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Imam Ajmal Masroor’s open letter to Chief Rabbi Mirvis
Ajmal Masroor
29 November at 10:54
This is the letter I sent to the Chief Rabbi - please share as widely as possible.

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