De Mistura. The Syrian-Syrian talks in Geneva should be resumed without any preconditions
Geneva, SANA-UN Special Envoy for Syria Staffan de Mistura said on Wednesday that the Syrian-Syrian talks in Geneva should be resumed without any preconditions, noting that the UN Security Council Resolution no.2254 will be the basis of the talks.

“Our efforts during the fourth round of Geneva talks will be useful because we are serious and we want to give an opportunity to the parties in a bid to reach some kind of dialogue,” de Mistura said in a press conference ahead of starting a new round of Syrian-Syrian talks in Geneva

He added that he expects no breakthrough at Syrian talks starting on Thursday, but “the beginning of a series of rounds” that will allow parties to “go much more in depth on the substantive issues that are required for a political solution.”

“We are not having any excessive expectations, let’s be frank,” de Mistura said, adding that he hopes a momentum would be maintained, “He added.

De Mistura said that the cessation of hostilities agreement in Syria will help largely support the political process, considering that this agreement is “fragile “but it’s developing, expanding and generally holding.

He believed that the meeting of Astana was and still is a very positive initiative, hoping that more rounds of talks in the Kazakh capital Astana, to deal with the ceasefire, confidence-building process and delivering humanitarian aid.

De Mistura said that delegations participating in Geneva talks started to arrive today and the rest of the participants are expected to attend tomorrow.

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