Defend Education. March for Pensions and Pay
Education is under a massive attack. Tuition fees for university have gone through the roof and colleges are in frantic competition with each other to recruit students. Now the employers want to wreck the pensions of Higher Education staff, who have voted 88% for strike action across the country with record turnouts.

Similarly, staff in FE colleges across London and beyond have voted to take strike action following a disappointing pay offer of 1% from the employer representative, the Association of Colleges, in September.

This joint FE/HE demonstration is scheduled for the last day in the first wave of the university pension strikes. For the first time in history, staff in 61 UK universities will have struck for a full week from Thursday to Wednesday.

We welcome delegations and support from outside London and from across the student and trade union movement.

More details about the strikes:
15 Feb 2018 - 19:14 by WDNF Workers Movement | comments (0)