Support Hospitality strike this Thursday FFS410
The National Shop Stewards Network is proud to support the co-ordinated strike this Thursday October 4th by restaurant and hospitality workers. Two of our affiliated unions the BFAWU and Unite are prominent in the action, alongside the GMB, IWW and IWGB.

We believe that these struggles are giving workers in these sectors confidence to fight back. Workers in the BFAWU in the ‘Ivy House’ pub in South London walked out in solidarity with their sacked workmates last Sunday and are still out. Join the protests outside the pub – 40 Stuart Rd, Nunhead, London SE15 3BE. For up to date info and to send messages of support, follow @ivyhouseunion on twitter. STOP PRESS!! We are delighted to report that the Ivy House workers have won a victory and we send them our congratulations and solidarity. This is their victory tweet – “We are pleased to announce that the committee have written to us with an offer agreeing in full to all of our terms and we have voted to accept!”

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We also have been a longstanding part of the solidarity campaign ‘Fast Food Rights/Hungry for Justice’ that was initiated by the BFAWU. Their website is here.

This is from the War on Want website – also a prominent supporter of the campaign:-

On Thursday 04 October 2018, workers at McDonald’s, TGI Fridays and Wetherspoons are going on strike. They are demanding better working conditions across the hospitality sector: £10 an hour, an end to precarious contracts and for their right to a union to be respected.

The IWW Couriers Network, supported by IWGB and GMB London Region have called for a UK wide strike of food delivery couriers on the same day. Uber Eats and Deliveroo couriers will strike in London, Glasgow, Cardiff, Bristol, Newcastle, Plymouth and Southampton. They are demanding £5 per drop and £1 per mile as a minimum rate. Uber drivers and other gig-economy workers are also planning solidarity actions.

Fast food workers in the US are also going on strike between Oct. 2 and Oct. 4. They are striking in tandem with strikes and rallies by airport, hospital, child-care and higher education workers, and other low paid workers. International demonstrations for fast food workers’ rights will take place in Chile, Colombia, USA, Belgium, Italy, Germany, Philippines and Japan as part of #FastFoodGlobal. Fast food workers from four continents will be in the UK to show solidarity with striking UK workers.

Precarious workers face the constant threat of losing the hours they need to survive. Showing solidarity and mobilising community support is important as it puts pressure on their employers to respect their rights at work, including the rights to strike and join a trade union.
Rally In Leicester Square – London (11am) – McDonald’s, TGI Fridays, and Wetherspoons workers are getting together for a rally in Leicester Square to demand change across the hospitality industry. If you can attend, please do bring flags, banners and spoons. Facebook event
Support Striking Workers Near You.

Some of the striking workers have called demonstrations and rallies near where they are striking. If you live nearby please do go along to show your support.

Brighton Midnight Picket 00:01-01:00 04 October Facebook Event

Brixton – London 0800-0900 Morning Picket Facebook Event:

Leicester Square – London 11:00 – Facebook event:

Brighton Evening Rally 18:30 – Facebook event

Show your Solidarity on Social Media –

You can show your solidarity with Wetherspoons strikers by ‘crossing spoons’. Take a picture of yourself, or a group holding crossed spoons and share it on social media with the hashtag #SpoonStrike – You can also use the hashtag #FFS0410

Get Updates on Social Media:

You can follow the events on social media:






#FFS410 – the hashtag for the day in the UK




#FastFoodGlobal – to follow actions taking place around the world.

Join An Action:

Uber Eats Strikes:

Brighton– Uber Eats Strike
Bristol– UberEats strike 18:00-20:00 McDonald’s Broadmead Link
Cardiff– UberEats Strike – Picket: 17:00-20:00 McDonald’s, 14 Queen St, Cardiff (16:00 – Banner Making) Facebook Event
GlasgowUberEats strike Facebook Link:
12:00 midday rally @ George square
18:00 evening rally @ George square
Uber Eats Strike – 17:00 – 21:
Rally at Uber HQ – 17:30 Uber 1 Aldgate Tower, 2 Leman St, London E1 8FA (By Aldgate East Station) Facebook Event
Solidarity Pickets (Come down and make some noise)
Holborn: 12 High Holborn, London WC1V 6JS
Clapham: 130 – 134 Clapham High St, London SW4 7UH
Bethnal Green: 436 Bethnal Green Rd, London E2 0DJ
North Finchley: 772/774 High Rd, North Finchley, London N12 9QH
Newcastle: Uber Eats Strike Picket:17:00 McDonal’ds Grainger St and Northumberland St
Plymouth– UberEats Strike
Southampton – Uber Eats Strike

Solidarity Actions:

Aberystwyth – Solidarity Action (Details tbc)
Birmingham – IWW Solidarity Action (leafleting public and couriers) 17:00 Onwards 4 Cherry Street Birmingham B2 5AL
Bradford– IWW Solidarity Action 18:00, McDonaldsForster Square Bradford
Leeds:“Solidarity with the #FastFoodStrike” 16:30-17:30, McDonald’s Leeds Briggate LS1 6 (Organised by Leeds Socialist Students & Young Socialists Yorkshire) , Facebook event:
Manchester – IWW Solidarity Action & “Solidarity with McDonald’s, TGI Fridays and Wetherspoons Strikes”17:00 McDonald’s, Picadilly Gardens Manchester, Facebook Event
Sheffield – IWW Solidarity Action (Details tbc)
Sheffield – “Strike Solidarity: Call to Action!” 11:30-13:30, Sheffield Town Hall, Sheffield (Organised by Sheffield Momentum) Facebook Event.
Swansea– Solidarity Action: (Details tbc)
Wrexham – IWW / Unite Community Solidarity Action, 14:00, McDonald’s / Wetherspoons
York (Details tbc)

If you want an action to be listed here, email:

Organise Your Own Action:

If you want to organise your own action, please do. Think creatively and share what you do on social media using the hashtag #FFS410.

If you have footage or photos that you’re willing to share freely, you can upload it for redistribution to the media here. []

Any action you take should always be supportive of the workers taking action. If you engage with workers at any workplace, respect the fact that they may be very busy so be courteous and reassuring. Do not make their job any harder (E.g. do not make a mess that someone has to clean up) and respect the fact they may not have the time or desire to speak to you.
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