Venezuela Wins Seat on Human Rights Council
On October 17, Venezuela was elected to the 47-member Human Rights Council of the United Nations, winning the support of a majority of the General Assembly’s 193 members in a vote held by secret ballot to fill two seats assigned to Latin America and the Caribbean. All terms on the council are for three years and Venezuela takes its seat in January 2020. The victory came in the face of a high pressure campaign by the United States and certain other countries as well as over 50 “non-governmental organizations” that worked for Venezuela’s defeat based on it allegedly being “unfit” for the position.

When at first the only two candidates were Brazil and Venezuela, assuring both would be acclaimed, Costa Rica put its name forward at the last minute for the sole purpose of usurping Venezuela, but it did not work. Brazil was elected with 153 votes and Venezuela with 105, beating out Costa Rica which got only 96 votes. The room burst into applause when the results were announced, with delegations from different countries flocking to congratulate the Venezuelans.

With this latest spectacular failure of the Lima Group’s campaign to isolate and de-legitimize the government of President Nicolas Maduro, all it could do was try to hide its humiliating defeat at the hands of over half the UN member states with a delusional statement that belied its exclusionary, colonial mindset. In it, Canada and the other signatories “deeply deplored” the results of the election and pledged to keep up their regime change efforts against Venezuela “together with the international community.”

Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza called the election a historic victory over imperialism because of the “ferocious campaign” mounted against Venezuela by the U.S. and its “satellite governments.” He thanked members of the Non-Aligned Movement for their support and promised that as a member of the Human Rights Council, Venezuela would defend peace and national sovereignty and work to see that acts of aggression such as armed interventions and economic blockades are recognized as violations of human rights.
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