Why We Need An Anti-War Government
Diane Abbott MP
Owen Jones
Chris Williamson MP
Richard Burgon MP
Lindsey German
Andrew Murray
Huda Elmi

Theresa May is backing Donald Trump's aggressive foreign policy, even as he escalates tensions in the Middle East. The British government continues to arm and otherwise support Saudi Arabia as they bomb thousands of Yemenis, helping to create the world's biggest humanitarian crisis. Meanwhile, Britain champions Nato's expansion into Eastern Europe, widening the ongoing rift with Russia.

Jeremy Corbyn stands for a different foreign policy, marked by opposition to foreign interventions and support for Palestine.

We're closer than we've ever been to an anti-war government one that puts welfare and homes before mindless military interventions. This will only happen with the widest possible campaign.

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23 Sep 2018 - 12:01 by WDNF Peoples Movement | comments (0)


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