Let Us Through . Police Fail to Thwart No to Trump, No to NATO Protest
Thousands assembled on Tuesday evening to join the No to NATO protest for the 70th anniversary NATO summit
Written by Terina Hine on 04 December 2019. Posted in News & Comment
Stop the War

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Plans Confirmed. No to Trump, No to NATO Protest

4pm: Assemble on south of Trafalgar Sq. for speeches & music
5pm: March leaves Trafalgar Sq. to Buckingham Palace via The Mall
5.45pm: Arrives at Canada Gate opp. Buckingham Palace
6pm: NATO reception begins
7pm: R3 Soundsystem - Dance Music Against Trump at Buckingham Gate

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Join the movement against Trump and NATO
Stop the War Coalition Mon 25/11/2019 14:19
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Press Release Ukraine Protest 231119
London protestors to call for solidarity with all
democrats, progressives, anti-fascists, trade unionists, socialists, communists, Jews, Gays and Roma in Ukraine
and in exile, ending British military aid to Ukraine
Saturday 23 November 3pm-5pm, opposite Downing Street, Whitehall

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South Tyneside Hospital. Court Of Appeal Reserves Judgment
November 19
Solicitor's press release

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Police Curb Protest Plans for Trump Visit
The Met Police are insisting on draconian restrictions for protests during the NATO summit

Written by Stop the War & CND on 19 November 2019. Posted in News & Comment

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Vote No To War. 2019 General Election Stop the War Coalition Statement
Written by Stop the War on 30 October 2019. Posted in News & Comment
Stop the War urges all voters to consider the significance of this election for our foreign policy

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Continuing the Rebellion. London Responds to Met Police XR Ban
Written by Chris Nineham on 16 October 2019. Posted in News & Comment Stop the War

People from all over the South East joined the protests that included health workers, bus drivers, students and a number of campaign groups

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Climate Change Protesters defy police ban on gatherings
some impressions from October 16, 2019
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Hundreds of Scientists Declare Support for Extinction Rebellion
Signatories of the declaration say the need for governments to act on human-driven climate change is too urgent to stay silent.
Oct 15, 2019, Ashley Yeager, The Scientist
PHOTO: Activists block a road in Sweden on November 17, 2018.

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