Reparations marchers plan Brixton lockdown
Brixton Blog 21 July, 2020
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New Whipps Cross. Fight for the hospital we need
Public Zoom Meeting
Photo: We lobbied the Department of Health on Valentine's day

Wednesday 22 July 8 pm – 9.30 pm (admission from 7.50 pm)
Join our Public Zoom Meeting and join the fight to get the hospital we need!
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Online Meeting. Another Education is Possible
Cuba Solidarity Campaign
Cuba Update 17 July 2020
Join our live online discussion with special guest from Cuba, Niruka Gonzalez, General Secretary of the Cuban teaching union, (SNTECD) next Wednesday 22 July at 6pm.

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Hachette, Re-Publish the only children's book on African & Caribbean people in Britain

Updated 26 June 2020

Tayo Aluko. Member, Black and Asian Studies Association; Actor, Writer

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Why Protesters Want To Tear Down Statue Of White Supremacist Winston Churchill
Britain is confronting its imperialist past. Should the nation’s revered wartime prime minister face the same fate as Colston and Milligan?
By Léonie Chao-Fong
Statue of Edward Colston thrown into Bristol Harbour
10/06/2020 HuffPost UK

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Venezuela. Exposing UK complicity in Trump's regime change plans.
by Venezuela Solidarity Campaign

EVENT: Venezuela - Exposing UK complicity in Trump's regime change agenda

Date and Time

Mon, 8 June 2020

19:00 – 20:30 BST

With guests from Venezuela, investigative journalist John McEvoy, Dr. Francisco Dominguez, Susan Grey (VSC), Colin Burgon of Labour Friends of Progressive Latin America & Chair Tony Burke (Unite.)


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Statement on Deployment of the Military in US Cities and Solidarity With Black Lives Matter
Written by Stop the War on 04 June 2020. Posted in News & Comment
Stop the War condemns the use of the language of invasion and occupation being used about US cities by senior administration figures

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London on the march. Black Lives Matter
June 3, 2020 Written by Jamal Elaheebocus Counterfire
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Protests continue over missing PPE for frontline healthcare workers
They have accused the Government of failing to protect staff. They plan to challenge the government over the levels of protection afforded to healthcare workers during the COVID-19 crisis. by James McKay


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Online Meeting. Cuba, an internationalist response to the COVID-19 global health crisis
Cuba Update 28 May 2020
Join our live online discussion and hear Cuban health specialists discuss how the island is fighting coronavirus at home and abroad on Monday 1 June at 6.30pm.

Guest speakers:
Dr Jorge Delgado Bustillo: Director of Cuba’s Central Medical Collaboration Unit (UCCM), responsible for the international teams of Cuban medics volunteering in 59 countries around the world
Dr Katty-Hind Selman-Housein Bernal: Cuban health professional with more than 20 years experience of community and public health including as a family doctor and intensive care specialist
Her Excellency Bárbara Elena Montalvo Álvarez: Cuban ambassador to the United Kingdom
Rob Miller: Cuba Solidarity Campaign director
Chair- Christine Blower: Labour member of the House of Lords and former General Secretary of the National Union of Teachers
Once you have registered, information on how to join the event will be sent on Monday morning. Please submit questions in advance to

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