Anti-War Movement Responds to Election Results
In reflecting on the general election results, the Stop the War Coalition said that the “last few days have been difficult, especially for those who have campaigned tirelessly over the last few years for a government motivated by ideas of peace and justice.”

They continued: “With a Prime Minister tied to the military establishment, it is vital that the anti-war movement come together and strengthen in this trying time. Our campaign is now as vital as ever and there will be much work to do in the new year, so we need your invaluable support.”

Others in the anti-war movement have remarked that the result have further reflected the crisis of the Parliamentary system, and how the party system is at loggerheads with the empowerment of the people. At a time when certain neo-liberals are circling for leadership of the Labour Party, it is important that the movement for peace and to see the establishment of an Anti-War Government in Britain strengthens its unity around its aims.
23 Dec 2019 - 18:24 by WDNF Peoples Movement | comments (0)