Winning the argument for anti-war politics
Stop the War welcomes Jeremy Corbyn's promises on foreign policy in his speech today. Corbyn made clear that there will be no more reckless wars of intervention if Labour gets into power, and he condemned Theresa May's selling of arms to the Saudi regime which is bombing Yemen.

His attack on Donald Trump's disregard for human rights and the principles of internationalism, his continued resolve to support the struggle for Palestinian rights and his promise to recognise the state of Palestine as soon as Labour gets into power are all very welcome statements.

The Stop the War fringe meeting Why we need an anti-war government at Labour's conference was the biggest ever. The turnout to the meeting was so large that scores of people had to be turned away. You can read the report of the meeting here.

The meeting marked the start of a major campaign to bring the anti-war argument into Constituency Labour Parties, trade union branches and community groups across the country.
27 Sep 2018 - 09:00 by WDNF Peoples Movement | comments (0)


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